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Door of Perception 7: Flow

there is literally a wealth of fascinating presentation material and cutting edge theory of experience design to be found in the collected talks available online from the Doors 7: Flow conference

this one by London's Design Council on Humanising Technology was particularly intriguing

Design Council's Humanising Technology effort

Design creates space for common language between disciplines.

One company we are working with is developing highly complex software for large businesses in the energy industry. The company moved from being knowledge consultants in the industry to developers of a new technology that will allow real time financial modelling. Even before they have a UI the small, highly specialised team realised that there was no shared representation of the technology and therefore different perceptions of the benefits it will bring.

multimedia is not dead, it's just asleep

Some people believe that User Experience is something that can be designed, and dating back to the theme park ride sensorama where one sat on a motorcycle seat that vibrated and bumped along while displaying a movie of the motorcycle experience and even wafting some gasoline fumes the amusement seeker's way...there have been arenas where the imagineering was truly a designed User Experinnce art

fast forward from the days of the new york world's fair and coney island fortune telling machines to lucas/disney's star tours and universal's back to the future rides and we begin to see the true potential of a designed user experience. it's definately not about sitting on the couch watching a super bowl ad with a can of duff's in hand; & it's probably not about sending a global wire transfer via either

it might be about feeling the vibe of an interactive branding presentation, especially if it's presented in letterbox format with some deafening sound effects

see what i mean at studiocom's groovy interactive agency website

the content is prety rightous, but why can't they keep the browser window to a proper size matching their letterbox media windows?

I'm not entirely sure the user experience itself can be designed into crt images and text entry fields [and i'm not convinced that any website is more engaging than eating a bag of munchies or party mix].

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