Don't call people users

You've probably heard this before. I heard Tufte go on about it in his seminar about calling them people instead of (L)users. Now Gerry McGovern pipes in.

    'User' is a catchall and ultimately a mean-nothing word. It reflects a technology-centric, rather than a people-centric view of the Web. To call someone a user is largely meaningless. To call them a reader, customer, investor, employee, creates a focus for why you have a website and what you want it to achieve.

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nothing much new though

Gerry pipes in, but doesn't say anything particularly suprising or new.

He couldn't even avoid making the inevitable comparison with the drug trade, which is predictable, cliched, and hackneyed

True. That's the problem I h

True. That's the problem I have with Gerry. He evangelizes IA, but so often, he overstates the obvious. We really do need an evangelist we can put our support behind, don't we?