PocketDraw for diagramming flow on a PDA

I came across PocketDraw on Mike Lee's site. It's a Pocket PC application for flow charting. It looks pretty excellent. I can recall a number of times when I've sketched flow charts on napkins and scraps of paper at lunch or on the subway. Would be nice to do this on a Palm Pilot (or Handspring as my case would be). Why hasn't anyone done this for Palm yet?

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RE>Why hasn't anyone done this for Palm yet?

There are some apps like TealPaint that might serve this function:

looks decent

That looks pretty decent. I wonder if it would take me more time to do flow charts in something like that though. I want auto-inserted i beams in boxes and arrows that lock to anchors. I'd be afraid it'd be too much like doing a flow chart in PhotoShop. Do you have this app and have you tried it for diagramming?



I had a different one, but can't seem to find it now...


Excellent, thank you Christina. -michael