FacetMap of iaslash

Seems FacetMap works now with links to XML feeds rather than uploaded files. Updated iaslash FacetMap is up. Guess I should clean up and index some of those earlier blog entries. Maybe.

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I feel the same. So when does tagging content become useful enough for us (metadata geeks after all!) to do it? What is the killer app? If even we can't be bothered, why would anyone else? PeterV

Good question

I think this is why so many people hoped that the promise of automated classification tools would be realized, but remain disappointed (see Kat Hagedorn's Argus article) when they work with the results. From my experience, the best method combines automated and manual mechanisms of knowledge representation and indexing to provide any real value to information seeking. With all that I read about the promise of ontologies, I still wonder if these technologies will be able to deliver higher relevancy in information retrieval. It remains to be seen, I suppose.

For now, I'm going to think about manually indexing what I've got so far. The goal for me with this blog has always been to be able to retrieve knowledge/resources from past reading/blogging and that really isn't entirely possible until this thing has fielded metadata (e.g. better bibliographic control using e.g. Dublin Core metadata elements) and an applied subject taxonomy.

Ian Bruk

This makes me think of a link that I posted to the XFML.org mailing list. It's a bug query form for Mozilla. To give you some idea of how much data can be attached to just one bug.