Heuristic evaluation OmniOutliner template

I don't normally do heuristic evaluations, but I volunteered to do one for Drupal's administration interface. I created a checklist of questions under Nielsen's heuristics and wanted to record my evaluations in a simple bullet list. The template is simply an OmniOutliner file that lists the 10 heuristics, with notes describing each (taken verbatim from Nielsen). I plan to insert bullet points for each of my evaluations under each rubric and export to RTF. At that point I will probably create a PowerPoint presentation or Word document from the RTF and then save as PDF.

Use it if it's helpful to you.

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Speaking of heuristics

Isn't it about time somebody took a stab and updated the "heuristics?"

Neilsen/Millich's heuristics were built a long, long time ago for a very different world. Yet somehow (we're in a hurry, there isn't enough money, etc.) not enough people are working with a revised set of heuristics when conducting evaluations. (I've seen many. Everyone's still using the "orginals.")

I've been meaning to do this myself, create a set of heuristics guideliness for a while, but...you know...there's never enough time to get around to it.

Whenever you get to it...

Whenever you *do* make time to do it, please submit it here because I'd love to see and perhaps use it! I don't do these things normally so I just rely on what has been established in the field.

Factor Analysis?

The sad thing about the original Neilsen/Molich heuristics is that they were compiled from a factor analysis (which isn't an exact science anyway) of usability problems observed in the late eighties/early nineties. I'd question to what degree the heuristics we have today are a product of the software people were struggling with back in the day.