ROI and Professional Usability Testing

Charles Mauro of Taskz will be publishing the white paper, "Professional Usability Testing and ROI For Web-based Products and Services." on soon and has subjected the paper to informal peer review. The paper explores, in detail, on-line and traditional lab-based testing methods and their impact on ROI for mission-critical web development projects. If you would like to send feedback to Charles, please contact me and I will forward his email address to you or you can post comments here as well.

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Informal testing has value

I agree with a lot of what Charles says but their are parts of this White Paper that are a little too self interested.

Bringing just basic concepts of usability testing and HCI concepts to projects has positive impact and ROI. Not every client in every scenario can do the level and scope of testing he suggests. Of course in mission critical multi-million dollar projects employing disciplined and rigorous scientific methodology to testing is great.

Intelligent, non-scientific user testing has value. It is better than nothing. I would like to see a study between the order of magnitude that Mauro's methodologies uncover vs. standard user testing. How much more did they improve the product? What was the cost/improvement ratio.