Social Network Analysis Management Tool

Just stumbled onto this tools called Huminity that creates a contacts management web of all the people you know. I thought it would be interesting for folks interested in social networks.

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Have you tried it yet? I just viewed the demo and decided not to download it -- don't want to spend the time. Something like this might be interesting if it integrated with your company's Outlook directory and made connections based on actual messages sent between contacts (external and internal).

Not tried yet...

I was thinking of downloading it, but I too only checked out the demo. I have so many apps on my machine at work that I'm afraid something will break and my desktop folks pointing fingers at me. I thought it was interesting through because it reminded me of Bonnie Nardi's project that I think PeterMo featured at his site last year.

which project?

which project? something to do with information ecologies, i presume.

Nardi and social network for P Mo

I think the article mentioned above by P Mo is Social Network Analysis.

A real company in the works...

CNET posted an interesting article,