Wireless conceptual designs from Motorola and frog

Arstechnica linked up to a page showing concepts for devices that create a Personal Area Network. It's a new design challenge to create the interface for a federation of devices...and even more so for the applications used by those devices. Wireframes work fine for page design - what lo-fi tools work for glasses + audio + pda + wrist display? I guess we'll find out.

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Err, I think they'll call them prototypes

You're going to need wireframes to suss out the software interface details. But, because you're also inventing the hardware, you'll have to do a lot of foam (plastic? balsa wood? paper?) modeling to see how the physical and virtual interfaces interact.

You might at some point create a faked out exaggerated shell to go over some live software display just to model the interactions. When they were first designing a digital camera, IDEO put a large "casing" with buttons over a laptop (connected to a camera) to help model the LCD screen interaction. Obviously, the final product was going to be much smaller, but modeling the interaction was just as important as (if not more important than) the modeling the interface.

Prototype! Prototype! Prototype! Use it, "break" it, make mistakes early and often, while it's still cheap to do so.

so how do you wireframe a HUD?

my point being that current prototyping methods don't generalize very well to federated devices - particularly cooperative and complementary interaction between devices.

Holding paper flip cards up to someone's eye level, and another deck of flip cards stacked on their wrist just isn't going to do it ;)



Wireless Earbud

wow, I could use those around the office.