The SIGIA Highlight Reel

This week saw an increase in volume, but an unfortunate majority of that is part of a tedious, ongoing 'defining the damn thing' discussion. Fortunately, we did see a boost in shop talk, as encouraged by Marc Rettig last week.

  • My favorite post of the week is from Jeff Lash and John O'Donovan for Best Practices for Recurring Payments Thanks for the great, concrete examples and real world shop talk!
  • Jeff Isom asked about ways of Labelling a PDF Archive and got a lot of interesting responses. I hope he lets us know how things actually shake out on his project, so we can see how the flurry of opinion helped.
  • Chiara Fox chimed in with a simple answer to a simple question. The reason it's a gem is because it's actually based on a real project!
  • For those of you interested in defining the damn thing,
    Christina Wodtke added to the list of first principles that was started earlier in the week by yours truly. While there was additional useful resonse, I'll leave it as an exercise for the masochis... err... enthusiastic to follow that thread and sort the signal from the noise ;-)
  • Finally, to close off with some more pragmatic, concrete contributions: Livia Labate articulates parts of the IA Toolkit, and Eric Scheid shares experiences with free-listing as an alternative/addition to card sorting.

Of course, you might have other posts that really helped you during the week. Post 'em in the comments.