IA Summit 2003

Well, Portland was amazing. Ignoring the riot troops headquarted at the conference hotel and the helicopters overhead, the conference proceeded without much worry.

Trip reports and commentary from:

The PowerPoint presentations for the IA Summit are being collected on the conference site - look for the "PowerPoint Presentation" link by the name of the talk.

Also, the Asilomar Institute has posted the presentations and rough notes from its preconference seminar.

Presentations for the IA Tools panel.
(if you find others, post them in the comments and I'll add them here)

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James Spahr


Anne Galloway's notes

Anne Galloway's notes at purselipsquarejaw.org.

No notes, just random photos...

...no really they are just random photos from the summit. Sorry for the flash in the eyes at the cigar room :)

Enjoy! Lisa

PS:My notes to be packaged with B&A...although I'll probably post more contemplative thoughts after B&A comes out with summit report.

PHP error in gallery

Hey Lisa - I'm just getting PHP error on your gallery page.

good to see you in Portland.

- Jess McMullin



Great photos but I am missing the chicken this year! :)


we actually found a chicken over the doorway to the restaurant at the Hilton Tower across from our Hilton. See it here:
Not quite the same but weird nonetheless.

"IA Tools and Technology" presentation notes/slides