Data visualization through facets

Pointed out by Steve Mulder on SIGIA: Iokio has a demo of a product selection tool that uses different facets to choose a digital camera. Sliders allow the user to adjust cost, weight, and resolution with real time feedback on available models. Thanks to Joe, who discovered a direct link to their Camera Finder Demo.

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Clever use of sliders. Works very well with the display of cameras. At first glance I found it overwhelming to see all those pictures of cameras in one screen, but the slider UI offers a nice way to alter the displayed set of cameras.

Limited options

I'd prefer to have more facets to choose from:
Zoom: Optical/Electronic
Lenses: Fixed/Removable/Threaded

And to be able to remove those I didn't touch: price, weight.

The problem here is how to manage adding a new camera to the mix that has new features. In the current view, you'd have to revise the whole application interface.

Unlimited options

I work for Iokio, the company that is developing this application.

You will be pleased to learn that the stuff you have to choose from is only limited by the data available. The options/sliders can be configured via a simple xml file. It is also able to handle more than just camera data. For a different example have a look at

Liam Bennett