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Gary Price points out that PBS is offering free keyword and or title search of some of its video. Being the father of a two-year old, I do regular visits to JungleWalk with my son to look for animal videos. Now I can add Nature to my bookmarks.
Searching is quite nice on PBS. You can do keyword searches or browse by show/program title. Odd that they don't let you view the metadata, though. I wondered after searching the Nature archives for "leach" why vampire bat and mosquito videos were returned when what I wanted to find was the blood sucking leaches from the same "Blood Suckers" show. I guess there is one metadata record shared per show, which I guess makes sense when there are only 2 or three short videos available per program. That way, obviously related videos are presented in your search results.
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Virage and metadata/search

I'm actually very familar with Virage video search because we were planning to implement where I am. I was very impressed by what level of metadata you could capture for the video as well as it all being linked to the transcripts/closed caption of the video. I believe the search OEM is Verity. I thought this tool was totally cool. Recently Virage was purchased by Autonomy so I'm wondering if the product will continue or be absorbed into Autonomy own video/media search capabilities.