User Interface Library

Gabe Zentall has published a library of user interface templates in Adobe Illustrator (also available as PDF), which provides UI elements for use in prototype design. It covers Windows, OS X, and Palm. The templates are excellent excellent for creating high-fidelity wireframes or prototypes. Template sets are separated on different layers in the Illustrator file and all are of course, completely editable. This is perfect for Illustrator wireframers. I'm thinking that this would be a nice OmniGraffle pallette as well.

[Thanks, Column Two and Reloade]

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1. You might have noticed this item was posted to ia/ twice.

2. Can you open the PDF version in Omnigraffle and use it like a palette?


AppleScript possibly?

I wasn't able to open the PDF, although I could place it in OG. If someone was good at AppleScript, they could probably export each group of objects on each layer to a format that's placeable into OG.

Shame there's no indd version

Shame there's no indd version as well. In the ID department at my office we stopped using illustrator over a year ago.

The Invisible Rabbit