Breaking New Ground - the 2004 IA Summit Call for Papers

The IA Summit looms closer with today's call for papers:
Some of us in the IA field are solidifying the IA foundation, digging deeper, while others are pushing the boundaries working with other fields and platforms. In both cases, we are breaking new ground. The ASIS&T IA Summit 2004 is seeking submissions from information architecture practitioners and researchers that support this theme. If you are developing the IA practice in your organisation by documenting methods, applying IA principles to new platforms and devices like interactive TV or handheld devices, using techniques from related disciplines in your day-to day work or researching the latest ways to connect people and content, we want to hear from you.

Paper deadline is October 31, poster deadline is December 5th. And oh yeah - the Summit itself is February 27-29th 2004, in Austin, Texas. Hope to see you there :)