Search engine pulls answers to common questions - better than Ask Jeeves? Google?

Brainboost, a new search engine, offers answers to regular questions - like What is information architecture? It extracts text snippets from a wide variety of sources that help answer the question - though I think we've got a way to go in defining the damn thing.

The Brainboost algorithm is useful, but sometimes lacking, pulling sentences that contain "...information architecture is..." even when the sentence is about something else. I don't think Google has much to fear, but the approach is helpful for basic questions. Thanks metacool

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I do not want to ruin your da

I do not want to ruin your day, but Google has been scraping defintions of the web for a LONG time.

What's the big deal?

heh - no days ruined

Thanks for the pointer Jacob. There isn't a huge deal - it's just interesting to see someone build the whole approach on pulling definitions. And it's interesting to compare results from different engines...