A classification blog, where's the IAs?

There's a new blog on tagging - tagsnomony.com that disturbingly has just one IA on board. It's a symptom of a more general trend - as classification and personal information achitecture become more pressing, more and more people are talking about IA, but who aren't aware of IA. More to the point, IAs aren't really getting involved in the conversation either...either through indifference or inability to adapt to emergent methods from our foundation in traditional classification methods.

Update: Don Turnbull is an IA stalwart from UT Austin's Info School. Sadly, 1/8 isn't great (though Dave Weinberger is producing the smartest writing on emergent classification, but Dave's not doing implementation, in-the-trenches IA work).

Update #2: Reinforcements arrive! Gene Smith and Peter Merholz are now added to the fray at tagsonomy. Thanks to Jon Lebowsky and the rest of the Tagsonomy crew for being so welcoming. I'm glad to see some IAs stepping up to contribute to the conversation...

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Thanks for the update, but in truth, aside from my daily work teaching IA and doing IA-related research I actually *do* spend a significant time in the trenches doing consulting, and yes - even sometimes implementation throughout the year.

But your point is well-taken, the area of describing data and making it findable to others is a key for IA. What we really should be asking is "where all the classification experts"? Surely 80++ years of research on classification theory should have something to say (other than - "let us, the experts do all the classifying") on tagging and ad hoc information organization. (Side note - experts in data base design and theory might have some unique insights too. Let's welcome them into participation as well.)

Dave isn't an in the trenches IA

Hey Don,

Sorry - I was saying that Dave Weinberger is not an in-the-trenches IA (so the count is 1/8, not 2/8). I'm very glad to see you're involved, since a big deficit in the tagging discussion is translating the conversation from philosophical 'democratization of classification' into something that's actually actionable.

And yeah, there's a lack of LIS folks, data base folks, and enterprise architecture folks. I just see IAs much more in my sphere of influence...


it's probably flogging a dead horse now, but I weaseled my way onto the "You're It" (tagsonomy.com) contributor roster right away and am actually, during the day, a mild mannered information architect (says so right on my business card).