Who Says Design Should Be Simple?

Andy Ihnatko discusses what he calls, the most important book of the year -- Jakob Nielsen's book "Designing Web Usability: The Practice of Simplicity" -- in his design column on newmedia.com."What makes this book a cut above others promoting design simplicity is that Nielsen clobbers you over the head with this gospel. He quotes actual studies, and, more emphatically, cites example after example (mostly negative) of pages designed by one of those kids whose box of 128 Crayolas each were worn down exactly the same amount. ... In my opinion, what makes it the most important book of the year is the fact that it's a brilliant reference mark. Every year, hundreds of books are published that help us exploit technology, but only a handful help us think about it." Available: http://www.newmedia.com/nm-ie.asp?articleID=2275