SIGIA-L Temporarily Down

A special message on behalf of Richard Hill about SIGIA-L:
"We're having a horrendous e-mail problem, one which was not recognized until yesterday afternoon. Basically, no messages we send go anywhere. Messages sent to the lists come here, but no one else gets them." Until this is fixed, the list is not distributing messages to subscribers; stay tuned for updates.

New version of Amaya released

The W3C released a new version, 8.1, of Amaya yesterday. Although many industry professionals see Amaya as a write-off and few users use it, I think it is important the W3C tries to continue to try and show browser manufacturers what it and should be possible in all browsers. In other news working drafts of SVG 1.2 and SVG Print were made public. Scalable Vector Graphics is an open reccomendation in XML format which hopefully could make multimedia content (presently being done in flash) accessible for a wider range of control and input from UX disciplines.

AIfIA Translation Project Launch.

Today AIfIA launched it's Translation Project. There are quite a few great resources there that have been translated and I'm sure much more to come. From the press release:

The Asilomar Institute for Information Architecture (AIfIA) Translation Project is translating information architecture (IA) resources and articles to and from eight languages. Today, the initiative provides resources in Danish, Dutch, French, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish on the AIfIA website.

Read the press release.

Christina's teaching at User Interface 8

While many of our talented colleagues have or are currently offering courses at one venue or another, Christina Wodtke is offering the opportunity for you to shape her upcoming course at User Interface 8. Let her know in her site comments what you'd like her to cover in a day, particularly if you've read Blueprints. If there were areas where her book fell a bit short for you, this might be an opportunity to address something in more depth.

IA Summit Blogging

A request for Summit Attendees: If you've got field reports from the IA Summit, it would be great if you could post links in the comments here. Thanks!

Also, I just ran into Adam and Joshua's Community IA Summit Blog. I set up a CHIBlog for 2001, and while it didn't get as much participation as I'd hoped, I had a lot of fun. I think collaborative conference blogging has great potential, and hope to see some interesting insights from attendees...whether it's a link to your own site in the comments, posting on the Summit community blog, or otherwise.

I'm off to Portland tomorrow, so providing I clear customs I hope to see many of you there. Blogging will be intermittent at best 'til Tuesday next week.

Lou Rosenfeld and Steve Krug roadshow.

They're each offering full day workshops in Washington D.C., Los Angeles, and Chicago. Krug's are the day after Rosenfeld's.

Lou's tackling the ugly problem of creating unified IA across departments and business units in large organizations in Enterprise IA: Because Users Don't Care About Your Org Chart and Steve offers Don't Make Me Think: The Workshop

I'm particularly impressed by Steve's comment about Lou's workshop:

If you're involved in a large, politics-ridden enterprise site (does the word “silo” ring a bell?), you owe it to yourself and your company to spend a day with Lou—even more than with me.

AIfIA Volunteers to Operate IA Slash

After two years of operating this site, I am stepping down from daily blogging and moderating because of personal commitments. I have donated the site to AIfIA and will be migrating from my host to the AIfIA servers in the coming weeks.

I hope that the IA community will continue to find interesting sites and literature on iaslash as a few very generous AIfIA volunteers take on the role of blogging and moderating. Thanks for watching this site for the past couple of years. I hope iaslash users will continue to contribute to it.

-Michael (jibbajabba)

Here is the AIfIA press release:

Michael Angeles, creator of the information architecture community news site IA Slash, is donating the site to the Asilomar Institute for Information Architecture (AIfIA). AIfIA members will moderate and administer IA Slash. IA Slash will continue to operate as an open community for information architects.

"After 2 years of running IA Slash, I have decided to step down from daily blogging to focus on commitments in my personal life," said Michael. "I initially planned to retire the site, but instead offered it to AIfIA."

"IA Slash is a tremendous resource for our community and it would have been a great loss if Michael had retired the site," said Christina Wodtke, AIfIA President. "AIfIA and its members can continue and hopefully expand on Michael's excellent work."

"We also plan to operate IA Slash in the spirit it was created--as an open community for all information architects," said Wodtke. "AIfIA members will provide the moderation, administration and technical support for IA Slash. However, anyone with an interest in IA will be able to post and comment."

The transfer of IA Slash to AIfIA begins immediately and will take several weeks. Costs of the transfer are expected to be minimal. Updates on the transfer will be posted at IA Slash (

For more information, contact AIfIA's media coordinator Jeff Lash.

iaslash turns terrible 2

iaslash turns 2 today! The terrible part is that I haven't been blogging much lately, but at least the signal to noise ratio has been good. :) In the coming weeks/months some changes that will help keep this community blog relevant are expected. More on that as it happens.

ia/ gets small for the HipTop

Sorry to throw the layout out of wack again. Sseems like I do that every 6 months. I made the default theme show the login and custom block in the right side to make the page usable for handheld browsers (Hiptops and PDAs). If you want the old theme, you'll need to select the rokakuleft theme in your account preferences.

If you're going to be surfing on a handheld you can try the new handheld theme [view screenshot]. You can select the handheld theme in your account preferences.

Dublin Core Conference 2003

Just saw the call for papers for the 2003 Dublin Core Conference(Seattle, WA) that will be held September 29 - October 2, 2003.

New WAI reccomendation

The W3C have made the user agents accesability guidelines into a reccomendation. What this means in practice is that most browsers and other programs designed to access web content will be required to meet the reccomendations in order to conform with local accesability laws. This will almost certainly apply in the EU and US. Hopefully this will force more use of WAI standards, allowing content providers to use newer standards with confidence.

More granular syndication

If you want to syndicate this site content using any of the indexing terms used here -- e.g. by user, subject, format, person -- you can view your options on the improved syndication page.

A different browsable subject list

Moshe has come up with an alternative way to browse iaslash subject lists. On the regular index, you are presented with an expanded hierarchical listing of index terms under the subject, people, format facets. In the new dhtml list you view the subject list with expandable/collapsible menus that show titles (hits) intermixed with the subcategories. If anything, this will help me troll through previous entries and fix the index terms applied. It is not perfect. I am not sure, for instance how the titles are sorted, it is not alphanumeric. I am still trying to convince someone to fix the taxonomy_html module to display like facetmap and I am hoping to try to get that module to display a-z indexes as well. If only I had more time to learn to do this myself.

W3C Release new XHTML working draft

The W3C has published a working draft for a new XHTML standard here. Following on from XHTML 1.1 expect it to be a strict standard with no formatting tags at all.

Ciao, IAping; Hello, chatbot

Alright, the IApings experiment was a bit silly considering how many many blogs we aggregate here and since iaslash users can just post their news. So it's going bye bye. Happy holidays! Consider it -1 gift. Onward.

As a consolation, you can chat with my beta AIM chatbot, jibbajabbaboybot. -1IAping, +1chatbot, brings me back to owing you nothing.

p.s. Don't be alarmed when you talk to the bot and it seems like you're talking to Mr. T. Where do you think the name jibbajabba comes from anyway?

FacetMap of iaslash

Seems FacetMap works now with links to XML feeds rather than uploaded files. Updated iaslash FacetMap is up. Guess I should clean up and index some of those earlier blog entries. Maybe.

The Infrastructures of Digital Design

The Infrastructures of Digital Design: Thinking/Building/Living
University of California, San Diego
Friday, January 31st – Sunday, February 2nd, 2003

Right column is going away

Some changes.

I have been a little annoyed with how long it takes for the right column to build -- it requires a hit to the DB each time. I surfaced the pings and news feeds in that column because I look at them a lot and wanted people to be able to find them. But, now since you know where they are -- they're aptly labeled Pings and News Feeds in global nav -- you can always find them up there. You can get those blocks (news feeds, pings, subjects) back on the front page in the left if you change your customization options.

Norpath Elements

Norpath Elements Studio ships for Windows and Mac OS X. It's a platform for building interactive applications using a toolset and methodology that apparently maps closely to how many people do IA. I think it's a lot like drag-drop wireframing (?). Anyone demo this and have opinions?

    Norpath Elements Studio is a new generation, multipurpose authoring application ideal for creating a wide range of interactive solutions including learning applications, web, rich-media presentations, kiosks, and simulations.
Happy Birthday

I just saw Victor's post on SIGIA-L wishing IA Wiki a happy birthday! Happy birthday to the wiki and thanks to Eric for creating this excellent resource and to everyone that keeps it rocking.

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