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Recordings from the IA Summit Redux in Washington, DC

This Saturday the DC-IA group organized an IA Summit Redux where many summit sessions were reviewed and discussed. You may download complete audio recordings of the discussions (on tagging, deliverables, theory and web 2.0) from Many thanks to Dan Brown and the DC area IAs for making this possible.

You'll also find the audio for the closing keynote from the last day of the summit; all these recordings make a lot more sense if you check out the original presentations.

Registration open for User Interfaces for Physical Spaces

This is an event I wish I could make - User Interfaces for Physical Spaces is a day long workshop detailing MAYA Design's work with the Carnegie Library to transform the physical and information spaces. In the process, they also had to tackle culture and business strategy, too. Fascinating case study, with field trips to project sites and detailed explanations at MAYA's offices. Coproduced by the IA Institute, the event is $200 for members, and $250 for non-members, and runs Monday, December 12.

IA Event in Italy

Luca Rosetti and Emanuele Quintarelli have gotten together to organize an Italian IA Summit (Italian only) - looks like a good follow on to the EuroIA conference where not a lot of Latin countries were represented.

DUX 2005 underway

The second DUX conference is underway in San Francisco. The opening plenary was amazing, with a fascinating talk on the Language of the Body by Tony award winning actor Bill Irwin. We're in sessions now, and there's lots of intersting cases and questions.

There's a growing pool of photos on Flickr, and podcasts are coming.

User Interfaces for Physical Spaces

MAYA Design and the IA Institute are hosting a day long workshop User Interfaces for Physical Spaces on Monday, December 12 in Pittsburgh. The workshop will showcase MAYA's work redesigning the physical and information space of the Carnegie Library...if you haven't had the chance to look at MAYA's slides from Adaptive Path's User Experience Week, it's a fascinating blend of physical and information architecture (Scroll to the bottom of Aradhana's bio page for links to the presentation).

The workshop will include field trips to various library branches as well as time at MAYA's offices in Pittsburgh. Cost is $200 for IA Institute members, or $250 for non-members (hint: IAI membership is $40 and gets you in to DUX at a reduced rate too). Registration will open soon - in the meantime, hold the date.

Roundtable: KM collaboration with outside counsel

On October 18, Julie Mazza, formerly Manager of Law Firm Partnering at DuPont and now Director of Legal Expense Control at Citigroup, will share her experiences in an informal roundtable at the offices of Weil, Gotshal & Manges in New York. Space is limited. For details, see ndtable25.htm

In the early 1990's, DuPont began to look for ways to reduce its legal costs and leverage the know-how of its legal suppliers, especially outside counsel. The company created a new way of working that shifts the focus from processing lawsuits to resolving the corporate client's business problems.

The result was the DuPont Legal Model, which includes strategic partnering, early case assessment, use of technology, alternative fee arrangements, and strategic budgeting. Information technology is used for electronic invoicing, integrated case management, electronic research (discovery), and document imaging. DuPont's cost savings are in the range of $ 8 million to $ 12 million per year. This is knowledge management in action with measurable results.

This event will be of special interest to legal information practitioners in both corporate legal departments and law firms. Others will benefit by learning more about a professional services collaboration model that successfully combines technology, strategy, fees and incentives, and training.

See also our article, "Managing knowledge in law firms: is it really different?"

Remember that this is not a training session. It's a discussion forum for experienced practitioners.

The roundtable will be offered in both face-to-face and teleconference format. The cost for face-to-face attendees is $600 for members of the Society of Knowledge Base Publishers ($850 for nonmembers). The cost for teleconference attendees is $700 (members), $950 (nonmembers)

DUX 2005 site up!

The site for DUX 2005 is up! The conference will run November 3-5 in San Francisco at Fort Mascon (a venue with character). Submissions for case studies, etc. is June 15th. Congrats to Zap, Richard, and the rest of the conference committee. Looking forward to it.

DC-2005: International Conference on Dublin Core and Metadata Applications

Metadata based on standards such as Dublin Core are a key component of information environments from scientific repositories to corporate intranets and from business and publishing to education and e-government.

DC-2005 to be held in Madrid at University Carlos III (September 2005, 12-15) will examine the practicalities of maintaining and using controlled sets of terms ("vocabularies") in the context of the Web.

DC-2005 aims at bringing together several distinct communities of vocabulary users:
* Users of metadata standards such as Dublin Core and Learning Object Metadata (LOM), with their sets of descriptive "elements" and "properties"
* The W3C Semantic Web Activity, which has formalized the notion of "ontologies"
* Users of Knowledge Organization Systems, which encompass value-space structures such as "thesauri" and "subject classifications"
* The world of corporate intranets, which use "taxonomies"
These diverse communities share common problems, from the the use of identifiers for terms to practices for developing, maintaining, versioning, translating, and adapting standard vocabularies for specific local needs.
Then, let's discuss about in DC-2005 Conference

Parlez vous IA?

The IA Summit is underway in Montreal! I'm sitting in the IA Institute Leadership precon listening to Lou Rosenfeld and a group of smart folks look at the different components that go into enterprise information architecture. Right now, we're talking about creating organizational change...

Find out more about the conference as it unwinds at the conference blog.

IA Summit Registration Hiccups

If you've registered for the IA Summit in the last couple weeks, your registration may not have been completed.

>From Dick Hill, ASIS&T Executive Director:
We have had some corruption in the PGP keys which allow receiving secure registrations. A fix is in the works, but not yet complete.

If you registered this week or last, please send an e-mail to chaynes [at] asis [dot] org confirming who registered, for what. (We need a count on the pre-cons.)

Please include a phone number. If we have no record of the transaction, we will give you a call for details, payment information, etc. If we do have a record, we will confirm via e-mail.

Again, only the last week or two are affected by this, we believe.

Also note, there is no security risk with the registration hiccup - as far as I know, the issue is just that some registrations stay encrypted instead of decrypting in the ASIS&T offices.

If you haven't registered, and are thinking about it, it will be a great, educational, high value. You can go register now. Hope to see you in Montreal.

AIfIA Preconference at IA Summit

The early registration deadline for the AIfIA Leadership Seminar is January 28th. Sign up now to get a significant discount for this awesome star-studded event! The 1 ½ day Seminar “Advanced IA: Topics for 2005 and Beyond” will be on March 3rd and 4th, prior to the 2005 Information Architecture Summit in Montreal. This highly interactive forum will connect leaders and provide an invaluable way to learn from others across a variety of disciplines. The sessions and speakers include:

  • “Managing Up: The Business Strategy of Information Architecture”
    Christina Wodtke and Scott Hirsch
  • “The Enterprise IA Roadmap”
    Louis Rosenfeld
  • ”Homeland Security and IA”
    Lee S. Strickland, JD
  • “Practical Application of the Semantic Web”
    Paul Ford
  • “The State of Global IA”
    Livia Labate, Peter Van Dijck, Jorge Arango
  • “Hands-On Scenario Planning: Looking to the Future to Shape Decisions Today”
    Jess McMullin

For more information about the seminar, please check the AIfIA website at or to register for both the Seminar and the IA Summit, go to

The Future of Information Architecture, A Retreat

Christina Wodtke and friends (including yours truly) are organizing a retreat to discuss the future of information architecture.

At a glance:

  • Oct. 1-3
  • At Asilomar, in Pacific Grove, CA
  • No cost beyond travel and lodging
  • Only 40 spots, so discussion stays personal.

It’s a great opportunity to mix with other IAs and look at the future of the practice. Hope to see you there.

Wilshire Metadata Conference 2004 Trip Report

Not all metadata are created equal as I learned last year when I attended the Wilshire Metadata & DAMA International Conference in Orlando, FL. However, when I sat in their meetings and learned this new aspect of metadata I discovered that there are some similarlities of concern, basically information organization, management, access, and retrievable.

If you come from the database modeling/administration world, I hear this is their equivalent to the IA Summit or CHI. The 2004 just concluded in Los Angeles. Their trip report is very informative, with enough information to get you to dig into new ways of thinking about information management.

Wilshire Metadata & DAMA International Conference 2004 Trip Report

re:con gel 2004

Heath Row’s Fast Company blog summarizes the sessions at Good Experience Live 2004.

Peter Morville goes on the road this Fall

Information Architecture and Findability is Peter Morville’s contribution to the UX roadshow circuit. Boston, San Francisco, and Washington D.C. will all be Fall stops - $695 US for the day for early registration (reasonable compared to IA Summit workshops, still spendy for students and folks out of work).

Of course, with PeterMo findability comes to the fore: "The biggest problem on today’s web sites and intranets is findability". That’s true more often than not, and the workshop looks like it provides good groundwork for up-and-coming findability specialists.

One of the challenges for people offering workshops is balancing depth with broad appeal. I’d be interested to hear any thoughts from workshop alumni for Adaptive Path, Rosenfeld & Krug, or others…was the workshop too general? Or was it too specialized or over the heads of attendees?

Information Architecture Seminars with Steve Krug and Louis Rosenfeld

There is still a possibility to attend one of the Information Architetcture seminars with Steve Krug and Louis Rosenfeld held in Washingthon, DC and Seattle. Louis is talking about enterprise IA and Krug about usability problems and “how to make low-cost/no-cost testing an everyday part of your company’s design process”. More details at

Survey - Help plan the location of future IA Summits

ASIS&T is running a survey about IA Summit locations and what influences your decision to attend. Speak up if you want more than ping pong between East and West USA with an occasional stop in the middle.

IA Summit recap at Boxes and Arrows

This year's IA Summit, themed "Breaking New Ground," seemed to have the right mix of new and returning folks, a nice variety of interesting and well-attended pre-conference workshops and several tracks of presentations to suit the IA of every flavor

Thoughts on presentations from Saturday and from Sunday.

IA Summit Redux - Bay Area and Online

For those of you in the Bay Area that couldn't make the Summit or missed sessions, there is a Summit recap happening this week, on Saturday, March 20th. IA Summit presenters from the Bay Area like Brett Lider, Jesse James Garrett, and John Zapolski will share their sessions again. Please RSVP to Peter Merholz: peter AT peterme DOT com.

For those of us not in the Bay Area, there are video clips from the Summit up online, thanks to the hard work of Bob Doyle. Check out the AIfIA CMS Workshop, the Poster presentations, and Jared Spool (evil RealPlayer required). Presenters' slide presentations are also making their way onto the Summit site (look for handout links by presenter names).

Information architecture conference in Paris

Designing and Organising Digital Information Spaces is an information architecture conference held in Paris 8-9 June 2004. Featured speaker is Peter Morville from Semantic studios. The conference takes place in conjunction with i-expo.

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