Personal Digital Assistant (PDA)

First Wired Generation

Yahoo! teen conference on understanding the First Wired Generation. There was research presented on industry trends by Neil Howe and Dan Draf which are quite interesting. Click on Webcast for the presentations

Mobile Devices: One Generation From Useful (Alertbox)

Nielsen says: "I've been using a T-Mobile 'Sidekick' as my combined PDA and cell phone for the past half year. The Sidekick is also known as the 'Danger Device' or the 'Hiptop.' When I saw an early Danger demo two years ago, I was excited about its potential. Now, after actually using it, I've concluded that one or two more generations of device designs are needed to achieve true usability."

Slablets and hiptops

Adam pointed to this page showing a bunch of photos of the slablet. The tablet, now a hybrid tablet/laptop thing looks a little bit on the bulky side.

On the slightly less bulky side of the new hardware offerings this season is the hiptop, which I got to check out when I met with Mike Lee yesterday. The thing has me drooling with gearlust. It looks like a nicely designed mobile device. Nice form factor. A few simple buttons and a nice jog wheel. The web surfing and IM experience seems to be done right. When a color version is available, I may seriously consider getting one. There is a good review of the hiptop on kuro5hin.

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